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"The invisible originating is everywhere omnipresent. Unseen ultraviolet light passes through your body in the sunshine: you can't live without it. Neither can the trees. It passes through them too, through the landscape, the mountain streams and the animals. The sun enlivens Hamadryad to stretch her limbs in unceasing thanks to the sky, and the sun enlightens the sprits of the flowers. They step from their bright stems and petals to dance their brilliance in the eye of the wind of human vision. 

Those that guarded the spirits of trees had such deep roots in the religion of nature, were solidly earthbound in transcendence, that of all the ancient pagan mystos societies of ancient Greece, they alone never participated in the divine processions. The Oreads, Napaeae, Auloniads, Alsaeds, and Hylaeorae all attended the sacred parade but Druyades, crowned in leaves of the mighty oak stayed home. The tree creates her own unity of heaven and earth, encompassing the love of the light from her unchanging place in the nurturing firmament. She, the tree, is her own sanctified stability, alone in a forest of harmonious freestanding ritual.

The same might be said of Canadian born artist Heidi Kujat. Her profound love of earth and sky find unique expression in her faceless bronze goddesses. Rather than depicting specific personalities, each arboreal nymph, expectant mother and offering angel here faces the unseeable as a particular aspect or quality of love. Much in the same way a Hindu deity takes multiple forms. They are each, by turn, goddesses of joy, generosity, gratitude, compassion, bliss, peace, forgiveness, faith, hope, grace etc. The endless list of names for love blooms eternally.

Love parts seas, moves mountains and sends prophets to heaven in chariots of fire. Love is a universal conflict solvent and the strongest of earthly transformational forces. Love is so simple, to coin a phrase, love is so fearless that love will save the day. Life is another word for love, and it is Heidi Kujat's gift to give emotive presence and a sweet subtlety turned living beauty to her sacred female figures. Heidi Kujat's working process is one of rapture and beatific as she carves with fire and caresses that  which brings these figures into being beneath her gifted hands. From these lost wax originals, which melt back into the invisible, a mold is made and these inspiring bronzes are cast, passing onto the appreciative eye or the serious collector, her heart felt love for all those who connect with her work."

- Profile by Jon Carver and 3D Art Techné


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